Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Introducing - Reclamation Textiles

Welcome! My name's Jenni, and I'm glad you are here, reading my first blog post. My new company is ReclamationTextiles.etsy.com and there you will find recycled and reclaimed fabrics, buttons, beads and some of my CQ (Crazy Quilt) art.

Reclamation Textiles - fabrics and trims salvaged from pre-loved garments and linens. I release them; you breathe new life into them.

I am a fabric artist, and in my constant quest to find fabrics, I discovered a number of sources of pre-owned fabric. Thus began another passion - reclaiming and reusing textiles, particularly vintage textiles. These salvaged fabrics are not only less expense than new yard-goods, they are a great way to reuse and recycle. Most of all, I suspect I am not the only one who can run my fingers over a bit of old lace or faded velvet and hear it whisper stories to me. I imagine who wore this dress, who sewed this piece of lace onto an apron.

It's the same reason I love vintage scrap quilts more than many contemporary quilts. Old scrap quilts were made from a piece of John's shirt and a usable scrap from Mary's dress - each piece had memories attached.

Nowadays, I can go to a quilt shop and buy luscious new fabric in any color and pattern imaginable. But I still prefer the pre-loved fabric, with its history and aged beauty.
I unpick seams, mend or cut around holes and tears. I gently wash and press these tactile treasures and am now offering some of this bounty in my Etsy shop.

And even if you never purchase anything from me, I hope you will check back here for more crazy quilt ideas, pictures of work in progress, stories, recipes, and maybe even a few giveaways in the coming weeks! Thanks for stopping by!

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