Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ruby's Pink RR Block

Ruby's Pink Round Robin block arrived yesterday.  She had asked for pretty, girly things on her block and here's what it looked like when it arrived:

Click on it to enlarge.  Dolls, a cupcake, hearts and flowers, a teddy bear...isn't it dreamy?  Such a talented group of ladies!

 A matryoshka doll - how sweet!  (And yes, I had to look up the name so I'd sound smarter than if I'd said "you know, those russian wooden dolls that open up and there's a smaller one inside....")

 Amazing bullion roses and silk ribbon embroidery.......

 Felt hearts.....

And here's what I added to the block:

Some more embroidery to the seams of the fan.  

 The bottom corner needed some color and hey, if there's room for beads and buttons, I say ADD THEM!  Some french knots in various shades of pink meander around the beads and buttons, to help the eye "travel" around the block.

 I added some iridescent pink sequins to the starburst fabric.  After looking at this morning, I decided the french knots made it look too "clunky".  So off they came.

 This time I stitched them with 3 straight stitches.  Simpler, and hopefully it echoes the starbursts on the fabric.

And here's the whole block, ready to return home to Ruby.  I think she's going to love it.  And my pink block should be coming home at the end of this month, too.  Can't wait!

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  1. Oh! Jenni, it's so cute and pretty. Thanks for stitching on my block. Love it!!