Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Autumn Musings

The weather is cooler the last few days, and we now need to close the windows at night. The garden is harvested, and there are crunchy yellow leaves blowing in the wind.  I love the fall!

I caught a picture of one of the two visitors to my kitchen on the weekend:

Isn't he pretty?  There was one on each kitchen window.  They flew in together, hung out for awhile, and flew away together......

I want to tell you about an interesting craft blog I found recently.  Her blog title is 
Crap I've Made, which made me want to check it out further.  And her tagline is "sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it's just crap".  This gal has a sense of humour, and some neat craft and decorating ideas as well.

Today I found another source of CQ fabric.  Technically, it's not a new source, but I discovered that my local thrift store now has Halloween costumes for sale, and in that costume section I discovered this dress for 2.99  :

 Vintage lace dress with a satin underskirt.  It's a lovely faded salmon colour, not in the best shape, which is why it was inexpensive.  I will hand wash this piece, only because of the beadwork on the neckline.  There should be a couple of meters of usable fabric in this, and I will enjoy giving it a new life!
 Closeups of the satin under skirt and the pearl beading around the neck.  So feminine!
So be sure to check out thrift stores in the next few weeks - that costume section may have some beautiful fabric in a more affordable form than usual.

Today I looked around my studio and realized (yet again) that I need to finish some projects before starting anything new.  I've been told I suffer from ADOS (Attention Deficit.....Oooh, Shiny!)  I'm not mocking anyone with ADD or ADHD.  I don't think I have a disorder, I'm just really undisciplined!!  I certainly need to learn to finish projects before getting distracted with the next pretty, shiny new idea.....

I have a question for you, dear reader!  If you were to go to a Christmas craft fair in your area, would you be looking for gifts for others, items to decorate your own home, or looking for ideas to make your own gifts and ornaments?  Please leave a comment with your answer, and in early October, I'll draw names of those who answered, and someone will win a crazy quilted Christmas ornament!  Feel free to send a link to my blog to your friends and family, I'd like lots of input on this question.  Thanks!

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