Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Holidays, Stitching, and New Inspiration

I'm back from holidays, refreshed and inspired for a new season of creating!  This is me, on the Santa Monica Pier, enjoying the Pacific Ocean breeze!  The Pier was crowded on this warm Saturday afternoon, but I was in my own little world as I gazed out over the water.  

 My husband and I spent 8 days in the Los Angeles area, first at a John MacArthur conference, then some time in Disneyland!  Along the way I squeezed in visits to a thrift store, Target, Beadniks (a Santa Monica bead store that is incredible), and M and L Discount Fabrics in Anaheim.  M and L Fabrics is a warehouse of fabrics with a mind-boggling selection and great prices.  It took me a while to go through the store, and I know I didn't see it all, but I got fabrics for a couple of new pieces I am designing now and some remnants of "fancy" fabrics that I know I will use in the near future.

While I was away, I embellished the last four squares of the Black and Brights quilt.  This black and crystal block will be the centre:

 This one is pale blue and black, although the colours are a little off in the photo.

This block is much prettier in person, for some reason, I don't like the photograph.  When I lay out the blocks, I'll see if it needs a little tweaking.

The yellow/gold block is one of the prettiest, and it's a colour combination, I have NEVER been brave enough to use before.  Yellows and oranges can overwhelm a quilt so easily, so this is a first for me, and I hope I can make it work.
The next steps in this quilt are to lay out the blocks and decide on placement, add plain black sashing and embroider and bead the sashing just enough to tie the design together, and add borders and backing.  And I need a better name than Black and Brights....hmmmm....any ideas?  

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