Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work on Cathy's RR block

This week I have been suffering with a head cold;  nothing serious, just one of those "you-should-feel-very-sorry-for-me-because-my-head-feels-like-it's-gonna-explode" viruses.  Therefore, I haven't posted anything new to the Etsy site.  I have, however, been stitching and doing other art projects.  Below are some pictures of a Pink Round Robin block I did some work on for my CQ For Newbies group.  I'm not really new to crazy quilting, but I was new to round robins and swaps when I joined last year.  I am meeting a great group of ladies online, from all over the US, a few from Australia, I think a couple in Europe, and me, the lone Canadian.

This block belongs to Cathy from Iowa - she pieced the block and sent it to me.  I added some embellishing, then will mail it on to the next gal in our group of four.  We will get our blocks back at the end of July/beginning of August.  We never know exactly what the blocks will look like, although we can add lists of likes/dislikes or suggestions for the theme of the block.  And, I have always been extremely happy with the work done by the ladies of this group.  Some of them are very new to the art, but everyone does their best work and it's always a beautiful completed block.

Cathy's block - overview
Herringbone stitch with beads and french knots

These are called Button Ears - long strands of beads threaded through the holes of a large button.

More stitching and beadwork.  I did some more embellishing, but the photos aren't the best quality.  It was fun to work on this block.

Now....what in the world has Jenni got in these ice cube trays?

It looks shiny and sparkly..... what is it?  Stay tuned, I'll explain tomorrow.....

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