Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Friday, 14 March 2014

Earring Holder

Looking at Pinterest this week, I found a tutorial for an earring holder.  It looked quick and easy, so I gave it a try.

Here's the link to the excellent tutorial -


I bought a gift box at the Dollar store for $3, and I only used the lid for this project.  The bottom of the box will be another handy storage container in my studio.  I used 6 pencils I had on hand, and bought 6 pieces of craft felt for $3.  So, for $6, I had the materials for this project and a bit more.

And here's the finished earring holder.  My earring collection is not huge (I have to wear silver or gold), but it's still easier to find what I need when it's not all jumbled in a dish.  I like the way this looks on my dresser!


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