Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jean Jacket - The Big Reveal!

It's done, it's done!  I am so excited about this jacket, I just wish the weather would warm up enough that I only needed a jean jacket to go outside.  This past weekend was "fur hat, heavy parka and thick gloves" weather.  No wonder this jacket is now in spring colors - I am SO ready for winter to be over!!  But I digress.....on to the jacket...

 Here's the peacock in all his glory.  Because the embellishments on the front were in peaches and pinks, and the peacock is more ivory colored, I wanted to tie together the front and back a little more gracefully.  So I used a button trail, which adds lighter colors to the front, and more of the pinks to the back.

 This picture is sideways, and I can't get it turned the right way up....sorry.  But this shows a close-up of the lace yoke and the front of the button trail.  This is the most accurate representation of the colors.

And, here's the finished jacket front -
I have so many more ideas for upcycled jean jackets, I think my next project will be a jacket for sale. I recently got a pretty jean jacket from a thrift store, much too small for me, but perfect to embellish and sell.

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