Encrusted CQ class project

Encrusted CQ class project

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Organizing my Fabric Stash

I don't know about you, but I seem to have to reorganize my fabric about every 6 months.  When I have too much fabric squeezed into one storage space; and I'm pulling and auditioning fabrics for a new project; well, that's a recipe for disaster.  And we won't mention the fact that I don't clean up after these forays into the fabric dresser.  :-/

Today, I did a reorganize of my fabric, it took less than an hour, and I think this system is actually going to work for me.

After coming home from college, with lots of scraps of fabric, and a bunch of free fabric, I knew I had to sort through and pare down what I had.  We all love fabric, but we are only going to use so much.  Fabric is meant to be used, not hoarded in a closet or garage.  It goes out of style and deteriorates with sunlight, humidity and heat.  I needed to get honest about what I was realistically going to use in the next 18 months.  I figured if I hadn't used it in 18 months, I probably wasn't going to.  Quite a bit of fabric went to our local thrift store, but most of it was in less-than-1-meter pieces.  Hopefully a crafter or quilter bought it and is putting it to use.

After Christmas, I put my larger pieces of fabric on cardboard bolts, which until today were leaning against a wall in the studio. The smaller bits got stuffed into my fabric dresser, a well-loved 4 drawer dresser.  But things were still in a mess, and the bolts of fabric were in direct sunlight.

Today's solution:  All the bolts of fabric got put into a bedroom closet, protected from sunlight, which can rot and fade fabric.  Everything else was pulled out of the dresser, sorted into categories, repacked neatly and the drawers were labelled.  My categories were knits, silk scraps, garments for upcycling and Christmas.  All the other fabrics were sorted by color - blues/greens, red/pinks/purple, black/brown/silver, white/ivory.  Multiple categories went into each drawer, and the dresser is now roomy and organized.  No, that doesn't mean I can go buy more stuff!  Sorting my sewing supplies always reminds me of my good intentions to make garments, and I realize how many projects I already have on the go or in the planning stages.  I've got a gracious plenty - not a gross excess, just enough to keep me busy for the time being.

Not bad for less than an hour's work!

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